Monday, October 24, 2011

VMworld Europe 2011: Thursday morning video

Do you want to relive the mood of being at VMworld Europe? This is your final chance to either dream back to the event or to imagine that you were there.

On Thursday morning, yes, the morning just after the big VMworld party, I dressed up with my camera mount while being at the hotel and filmed my journey to the Bella Center using both train and metro and also my way from the metro to the event center.

Inside Bella Center I walked through the Bloggers lounge and to the General Session in Hall A where Steve Herrod had Ducati, NYSE and SAP as guests before Paul Maritz showed up and spoke for half an hour.

After this I went to the Solutions Exchange and watched many of the products. Note that there was a lot to be seen at VMworld that is not in this film, also in the Solutions Exchange area. None of the BreakOut sessions nor the Hands On Labs have been documented at all. Maybe we'll have more next time.. :)

This movie is 2 hours and 23 minutes in 720p. Kudos to youtube for now allowing such long videos in such quality and also for their new uploader that doesn't require java for such uploads.