Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nidelven båtræs: Camera boat

Every year there's a boat race in the river that floats through Trondheim, Nidelva. The rules for this race are quite simple: You need to build a boat out of wood and the boat length should not be more than 30 cm (1ft) .

We have participated in this race the last 4 or 5 years. To say that we have built the most sophisticated boats for this race would be entirely wrong. Our boats have so far never been tried in water before entering the race and they have also not been the prettiest ones around.

Every year we have been struggling to locate our boat(s) during the race, The exception was in 2010 when our boat was in second place half way down the race. It did however get stuck where the river makes a turn and passed the goal line as number 10.

This year we had an idea about mounting a camera on the boat. Even if we didn't see the boat during the race we would be able to see how it performed afterwards and study the details of the race from within the boat.

The idea sounded quite exciting and I had a water proof helmet camera that we mounted to the boat with duct tape. The camera was however a bit heavy and I suspect that the boat got a bit top heavy, because the boat did the whole race upside down.

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