Monday, September 26, 2011

Atea TechnoCamp #10: Kristiansand

Earlier this week I attended a company internal technical conference that was being arranged in Kristiansand, Norway. We have such gatherings twice a year, and it was my third time to attend this event. When we meet at these events we usually have a goal to write best practices documents of some technical aspect that is related to our work.

This time I attended the VCE/vBlock track. vBlock is technology that only a handful of my colleagues have setup even though we have delivered almost 50 vBlocks. The mission of the track I attended in Kristiandsand was to teach more of us consultants about the vBlock consept. Spencer Ralph and Nikolaj Kjeldsen from VCE and our own Frank-Stian Svingen were our tutors and I think we all could agree that vBlock is a really nice concept that is currently a unique solution that has many benefits compared to the traditional model of buying hypervisor, servers, networking and storage seperately.

There were a total of nine different tracks during TechnoCamp in Kristiansand. On monday evening we went to Kristiansand Dyrepark for a non-technical event. I created a video from this event below:
Audio on this video is texiwill's Virtualization Security Roundtable, episode #69 "LANL & SMT"