Thursday, September 22, 2011

Together towards the top

The company where I'm employed, Atea, has a set of events that take place at certain intervals. I guess they're part of a master plan to strengthen the corporate culture. These events include quarterly sales campaigns, small and large conferences, yearly region meetings, yearly country meetings and technical camps twice a year. There are also other events for sales people and leaders that I don't have all the details of. I'm working as a consultant. At all these events we do serious stuff like having sessions where we do some technical or business related activities, but we always also do something completely different. At these events we also invite our partner companies to come and also sponsor parts of the event.

At the first weekend of September we had a country meeting in Lom. Lom is a small village of 2500 inhabitants located in between national parks with a lot of mountains. As we were 1350 people coming up there, the visit was quite visible among the people living there as quite  a few of them had some role in our visit.  Arranging meals, lunch boxes+ coffee, guiding us up the mountain and probably other things as well.

The goal was to get as many people as possible to walk up to the highest mountain in northern europe and maybe set a record that would get into the Guinness Book of Records. We also practiced  a human pixel pattern before going up the mountain, and a helicopter was hired to film the company at the mountain top. The weather was however not quite on our side so after we had gotten into the human pixel formation near the top of the mountain, it snowed quite heavily. We could hear the helicopter, but were unable to see it.

On this trip I brought my camera and created a movie that shows how the trip went.

I did upload this video in 720p HD quality exactly the way I've uploaded many other videos before. I guess YouTube downsized it to 480p due to the length of the movie.

All the music in this video is made and/or performed by my friends and I'm also taking part in some of the music myself.