Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Human technology roadblocks

Often new proposals and projects are stopped due to the lack of knowledge of others.

The security team can stop many good projects such as those involving virtualization because they don't have enough knowledge and are skeptical to new types of services that they don't have experience with.

Mrs Y once worked at a company and the networking department was skeptical to running virtualized networks. They were asking about latency and other issues that may have been a problem many years ago.

Some people are skeptical regarding VLANs. Texiwill too. That includes VXLAN and other similar technologies.

It has been said that it's a struggle for people to separate the logical from the physical. For the longest time it has been the same thing and now it's suddenly different. Both people, companies, ISVs and hardware vendors are confused by these changes and many of them will try to block these new inventions in favor of the old ones.

All this and more in episode 104.

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Audio: Cloud Virtualization Security Roundtable, episode 104