Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cloud Views

Special guest on episode 103 was Andi Mann.

Cloud View started out as a news letter. Later it moved to twitter as #cloudview with cloud security as the topic. Cloud View is hosted on and they have a dozen episodes available on YouTube.

Where is the firewall in a cloud environment?

Earlier you knew from where people were accessing your data since nobody outside your firewall had access. Nowadays you need to know who is accessing your data because access is not restricted by network segments anymore.

We have several layers of identity:
  • username/password
  • 2 factor
  • multiple factors
After all the breaks ins at major sites (PSN, iCkiud9,) Many think that username is not good enough anymore, but it's still the only credentials you need for 99% of the web servers on the internet.

Who is responsible for security?
- Everybody?
- The board?

News from the RSA conference.

Audio: Cloud Virtualization Security Roundtable, episode 103