Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cloud Security: Aligning the business in 12 steps

The special guest on episode 97 was Omar Khawaja who has a 12 step program for moving to the cloud.

There are also a discussions on these topics:

  • IT departments can't sit there in their cathedral, they have to respond to the needs of their users - in a secure way.
  • Employees' expectations from IT in the enterprise has changed during the past 5 years
  • Telling people not to do something that they can easily do will not stop them doing it. Corporate policy has not prevented users from storing company internal information in  Google docs or on their iPhone.
  • User experience matters. You want productive users and you do not want strict control from the IT department prevent them from doing their job efficiently.
  • People just want to get their job done and don't understand the impact of wrongdoing.
  • Security policies have to change.

The 12 steps that Omar presents is also available here:

Texiwill has also written an article about this roundtable discussion here: